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Is my personal data safe with online casinos?

One of the major areas of online gambling that often concerns players is whether or not their personal data is safe. With modern technology where it is today and with how big the online gambling industry really is you can rest assured that for the biggest part of the online casino industry - yes, your personal data is safe. However, even with a regulated industry there will always be rogue casinos that may just be out to make a buck or two, but the good news is there are now signs that you can look for before you enter any into a registration form to ensure that your personal data will be safe. Data encryption actually plays a significant part of the majority of online casinos and privacy is an essential issue for most people wishing to gamble online. The protection of personal data raises an extremely important issue for both the player and the casino and that is why reputable casinos take this issue very seriously and have serious measures in place to protect each and every one of their players.

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As well as knowing and being confident that your details are safe at any online casino, you can also know where exactly your details are stored, once you give them to the casino. The personal and financial information that you pass over to the casino are physically located in hard drive servers that are owned by the online casino in question. In order to prevent both hackers and thieves trying to steal your data, online casinos employ certain technologies like cutting-edge firewall systems and around the clock security tech staff. It is also important to note that most online casinos will use third parties to handle their security management which include professional and reputable organisations like Thawte and Verisign. You can look for either of these logos in the casino you want to play in, which will usually be located at the bottom of the casino’s webpage. Both of these logos, which are verification seals, will be a sign of safety and security when it comes to your sensitive information. In terms of security online casino data encryption is actually something to be very proud of. play for real indian moneyWe must stress how important it is that you check at each and every online casino before you play that they employ the kinds of methods we have discussed in this guide. Checking that the casino also displays a verification seal is also a must before you enter any of your personal and financial information. Most online casinos will have a special section that is dedicated to the security measures they employ, as they know how important the issue is to their players. However, if you cannot find any information regarding security, you should contact live help and ask them to direct you to the place where they display this information. A casino that does not display any information about the safety of your sensitive data should be avoided at all costs.

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Personal data can be anything from your name, address, date of birth and also financial details like your bank account number or credit and debit card information. This is all the kind of information that you would be expected to enter in order to play at any online casino for real money and you should never settle for less than a highly secure online casino to play in. One form of data protection that is widely used with most reputable online casinos is data encryption and most online casinos will boast the use of this encryption to protect their player’s details. The most common method of encryption used with online casinos is called SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer. 128-bit or 256-bit SSL Data Encryption Protocols are now used by leading online casinos and this encryption method scrambles all personal information that is transferred over the internet. This means that such data can then only be used and understood by those who have authorised use. This same level of security is often used by banks as a complex code scrambles and then un-scrambles your personal information, login details and financial information. So, if there was someone who was unauthorised trying to access the information, all the would see basically is a bunch of scrambled up letters and numbers as they the SSL encryption creates a ‘key’ which is shared by the both users who are taking part in a secure transaction. Since the unauthorised person would not have access to the key, the information they could see would mean absolutely nothing to them. It is also important to note that this key will only last as long as you are in the same session, so once you leave the website, this key is then discarded and is of no use at all. Each and every time you make a deposit or receive money from a casino, a unique key is created every time. Some players often wonder exactly how secure this method of encryption is. The 128-bit of the SSL Encryption is actually the part that defines the size of the key and this then defines exactly how hard it would be for a hacker to try and crack the key. When it comes to actually explaining just how massive a 128-bit encryption is, this can be tricky. Still, just to give you a rough idea, it is actually estimated that the number of different combinations that are available with a 128-bit encryption is actually in the region of 340 trillion trillion trillion! And for all of you who don’t know that is a number (340) with 38 zeros attached to end of it. So, when you look at it like that, anyone who wants to try and hack the key basically does not stand a chance. And going on the fact that a key expires after every session, chances are that the key would have expired anyway, even if the hacker was to come anywhere remotely close to cracking the combination. A 256-bit encryption is roughly 340 billion times harder to crack than the 128-bit. So, when taking all of this into account, you can consider your personal and financial information secure once you have verified that the particular online casino you want to play in utilises either a 128-bit or 256-bit data encryption.

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