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deposit methods

 The final step of your online gambling experience at an online casino will hopefully result in you making a deposit. When it comes to withdrawing most players want a fast and easy cash-out so it would definitely help for you to do your research before actually making your deposit to ensure that if you do make a deposit you will not be waiting unnecessarily. Withdrawing is an important aspect to consider when you choose to play at any online casino and it is just important that you make the right choices. You need to make sure you know which deposits methods are available to you and how long it takes, which is what we will discuss in this guide. While you should also check deposit fees, we will discuss these for you in a later guide titled ‘deposit fees’.


E-wallets such as Skrill (previously Moneybookers) and Neteller are probably the most popular methods of withdrawing for players all over the world. Unfortunately, players from the US are usually not able to make deposits to a Skrill or Neteller account. They are hugely popular which is not surprising as e-wallet deposits are undoubtedly the fastest method for players to get their money. With an exception of your very first deposit, which usually takes a little longer than subsequent deposits due to the fact you have to verify your identity, a deposit to your e-wallet account can be instant the minute the deposit is approved by the casino. If a casino’s deposit processing times are under 24 hours, you should see the money in your account the same day as you make the deposit. With so many online casinos competing against each other to be the best, these very low deposit times are appearing more and more, with some players receiving their winnings to their accounts within just a few hours.

In order to use your e-wallet account as a deposit method to get your winnings from the casino, most casinos will need you to have originally made your deposit via the same method. The actual process of withdrawing your money is very easy. All you have to do is request the deposit to you e-wallet account and once approved the money is automatically transferred to your account. On your very first deposit you may be required to send in a screenshot of your Skrill account for verification purposes. Once the money reaches your e-wallet account, you can either withdraw this money to your bank, use a MasterCard if you have one to withdraw the money at an ATM, or use your funds to deposit at another casino or as you wish. There may be a small fee for these services by the e-wallet company. Pretty much every online casino nowadays offer e-wallets for you to make your deposits and deposits, which is probably why it is one of the most popular methods. Withdrawing to your e-wallet account is easy, convenient and quick and, if you are withdrawing in a different currency to your e-wallet currency, the exchange is usually automatic, although there may be a small fee charged by Skrill for this service.

Finally, under e-wallets you can also withdraw via Bitcoin. Bitcoin ultimately acts as an e-wallet account and is great because players can use this method of deposit all over the world. As with the e-wallets we mentioned above, Bitcoin deposits are usually sent instantly or within 24 hours. Withdrawing your money via Bitcoin is safe and this virtual currency can be used as a reliable banking option. deposits with Bitcoins is fast, easy and comes with virtually with no transaction fees. You of course must have won in Bitcoins originally in order to withdraw via Bitcoins and, once you request the deposit and it has been approved, it is then sent to your Bitcoin wallet address.

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards have been used for many years with players all over the world and they are an extremely popular method of deposit. Most players have a credit and debit card. As it is a global payment system, there are players all over the world that prefer to withdraw their winnings using Visa. Some of the most popular credit and debit card issuers include, but are not limited to, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Solo, Delta, Electron, Maestro, Cirrus, Switch and Discover.

Most online casinos will offer this method of deposit providing you have made your original deposit via the same method. In fact, you would be hard pushed to find an online casino that did not offer this deposit method. However, not all Visa cards are eligible for payouts. For example, some online casinos will not allow you to withdraw to your Visa card if it is a Delta card and this could cause you a great deal of trouble. In order to avoid any problems it would be a good idea to check first with your card issuer that you can withdraw casino winnings to your Visa.

Withdrawing to your credit and debit cards is extremely easy and you will not usually have to enter your card details, as these would have been saved from your deposit. When you withdraw to this method, on your very first deposit most online casinos will require you to send in documents. You will usually be required to send in a photo of both the front and back of your card. When you do this, it is important to cover the middle twelve digits on the front of the card as the last three digits of your security code on the back. You should make sure the photos are clear and that your name is fully displayed, as this will speed up the verification procedure.

Credit and debit card deposits are usually processed quickly, which is one of the reasons this method is so popular and, once the money has reached your account, it is yours to spend as you wish. This method of withdrawing is also extremely safe.

Whilst MasterCards can be used to deposit at an online casino, you may struggle to be able to make a deposit to the same MasterCard or any MasterCard for that matter. Most MasterCard issuers do not allow the facility of withdrawing back to them. So if you have deposited via MasterCard and then request a deposit, the online casino will require you to either withdraw via bank transfer or cheque. For example, if you have a MasterCard that is linked to either your Skrill or Neteller account, you will not be able to withdraw to that MasterCard, even though it is linked to your e-wallet account. You will only be able to withdraw to your e-wallet account, if you directly used it to deposit and not through their MasterCard Service.

Bank wire transfers

Another method of withdrawing funds from your casino account is via bank transfer. If you were to deposit with a card that did not allow you to withdraw, like a Delta card that we mentioned earlier, you could opt to use the bank transfer method. This is also a popular deposit method for residents of the United States.

Unfortunately, this method of withdrawing is slower than the more popular methods like e-wallets and credit and debit cards. They may also require a little extra information from you before the deposit can be submitted, meaning they can be time consuming and more costly than the more modern methods. As bank wire transfers are more widely accepted and most online casinos do offer this as a deposit method, players that do not have any other option of withdrawing other than their bank will particularly find this method useful.

A bank wire transfer offers maximum safety and security and usually high limits. They can also take several business days to be completed. You should have certain information at hand when requesting a bank wire transfer, such as your bank account number and sort code as well as your IBAN, SWIFT and BIC number. For verification purposes you may need to send in a photo of a recent bank statement and it may take a few days to process by the casino before the money is finally sent to your bank. Subsequent deposits should be significantly quicker.

Prepaid cards

If you have made a deposit via a prepaid card, such as Ukash or PaySafe, you may have some difficulty when it comes to withdrawing, as most online casinos will not allow you to withdraw back to the same method. The main reason for this is because of how a prepaid card works – via a digital code. There may be some online casinos that will refund a small amount via a Ukash voucher, but these are few and far between.

When it comes to withdrawing here, if you have a bank account, you can elect to use a bank wire transfer. However, if this is not suitable to you, then you will have to request an e-cheque for your winning funds.


Cheque is one of the slowest deposit methods available. However, if there is absolutely no other way of you withdrawing your funds, then this method can come in very useful. Those players who do not have bank accounts will find this method more appealing. A cheque deposit can take significantly longer to process and may also incur some hefty costs too. While you have to wait not only for the casino to process the deposit, you will also have to wait for the cheque to clear in your bank. Most online casinos will provide this method of withdrawing and it can be a backup method for you if you cannot withdraw to your original deposit method.

Cheques are usually sent via post, so having your address absolutely correct at the verification stage is vital to you receiving the cheque. Once you have received your cheque, you will then usually be able to deposit this into your bank completely free of charge, but will have to wait for the cheque to clear in your bank. However, cheques that have come from a different country are often referred to as ‘cheques drawn in a third country’ and these can be relatively expensive to cash. The timeframes in which the cheque will clear in your bank will depend purely on your banking company. If the cheque you receive is in a different currency to your native currency, you may also incur further charges by your bank for the exchange in currency.

When you request a deposit via cheque, some online casinos will allow you to choose between a cheque being posted or couriered to the address you supplied the casino with when you first registered. If you are requesting the cheque be sent out by ordinary mail, then there will usually be no charge for this. However, if you are requesting the cheque be sent via courier, then you are likely to incur additional fees. Courier fees will usually depend on your location and will be deducted from your total deposit amount. Some casinos will allow free courier cheques if your deposit is over a certain amount.


Some of methods of withdrawing include the PayPal. PayPal acts as an e-wallet account and is used by players all over the world. More and more casinos are now accepting PayPal as a payment option for both depositing and withdrawing. The process is relatively easy, but will require you to have a verified PayPal account beforehand. However, you should not expect to see this method at every online casino yet. PayPal is particularly popular for residents of the United States, as they can usually withdraw to this method completely free of charge.

Other methods of withdrawing include WebMoney, UseMyWallet, Entropay, Instadebit and EcoPayZ.

Online Rullete

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